German Angel Chimes Brought Over by Immigrants, Imported Sales Began As Result of Demand.

Started German Angel Chimes Demand In U.S. Early 1900's, Until 1937 Until

angel chimes



Drawn, computer enhanced and Updated from Available archives, photos and samples from collections, by Harlan L. Jacobsen, 2011 for publics information on A 100 + year U.S. and world wide Christmas Tradition and its origin and development over time. Copyright 2011, Harlan L. Jacobsen

Understanding The Angel Chime Tradition

Since woodcuts drawings of the German chimes in 1905 did not include color, we have updated our drawing here to what 3 color lithographed would have looked like.

This drawing is derived from a black and white woodcut drawing filed with the patent in 1905 in Germany.

We understand there were chimes long in use before the subject was patented, with some mentions of a similar device of some type going back to 14th Century.

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