U.S. Angel Chimes Tradition Started With German Patented and Manufactured Chimes.

1937 Start Of War Production Ended German Angel Chimes Production For Good.

angel chimes



Drawn, computer enhanced and Updated from Available archives, photos and samples from collections, by Harlan L. Jacobsen, 2011 for publics information on A 100 + year U.S. and world wide Christmas Tradition and its origin and development over time. Copyright 2011, Harlan L. Jacobsen

Several different German firms manufactured chimes during the 32 years, this version made as a tree topper combination.

Trees were all lit by candle so natural to have a tree topper with candles and a musical chime notes as a bonus.

These six angels did not move. The turbine, included four hanging bell clappers along with the 3 standard German Bells gave the standard 12 bell tinkles per revolution, compared to today’s six.

This unit, as did all German, run with a larger turbine and only 3 Candles.

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