Delivery By Christmas Day


Standard free shipping U.S. Post Office, some first class and priority mail, (yes we ship on the 22nd) may still make it in time since they still have the 23, and 24th to be delivered. Guaranteed delivery ended on the 21st. , but much can still make it in time for Christmas Day if shipped the 22nd. Even some 23rd shipments may make it depending on distance and location. We also ship from Az. which is faster to Az, Ca, Nv.

Single items we can send no extra charge first class mail, chimes and eight candles for example. Or one single box of candles. One box first class my get your shipment by Christmas day, the same as a first class letter might make it.

Several items in one box can arrive day or two after Christmas etc. via Regular mail. Regular mail gets faster when the crush slows down near Christmas day as post office extra help still working, help catch up and speeds normal operation.

Christmas holiday celebration is not just one day. However, nothing now is guaranteed by Christmas Day, however, not guaranteed but possible first class and priority are fastest.

We can ship single items first class which is handled same speed as first class letter.

We pay postage as usual but much more cost for priority so we ask you contribute $1. per item to help on higher cost if you want to use priority. Please phone in your orders with special delivery arrangements so we can discuss options such as,- if west coast we can ship from Arizona office.

Call 605 335-4125, available 24-7 --talk to live person who will discuss best shipping option for your location. Priority Mail Shipment is Guaranteed by Christmas by the Post Office so if order was Shipped as late as December 21st. expect it before Christmas.

Priority Mail speeds delivery after the 21st, and is still likely, depending on distance, they try to clear all out by Christmas Eve, they just do not guarantee it after the 21st.

Remember we can Ship Gifts Direct, 4 day Delivery, or less, which after 21st will likely be after Christmas, to your designated address anywhere in U.S. with "Merry Christmas" message from you. Chimes are a lifetime of memory’s, gift.

Suggest phone us to set these up. Solve all your last minute gifts. Call Anytime, 24-7. We get your order out the same day, or if order late in the day, then the next day.

Call 24-7, 605 335-4125 We can Send Chimes and/or Candles Gift Direct For You, Arrives By First Class Mail. Note: We do not gift wrap.

"Gift Mailed Direct, Swedish Chimes and 8 Candles. usually 3 Day first class mail Shipping, Your Gift greeting Included." $22.50 Go Here
Option 2: Chimes with 24 Candles, Priority Package Mail, 4 day delivery guaranteed, usually 3 days, mailed direct, $29.00 complete.
Phone orders only 605 335-4125 available 24-7
Phone number    6 0 5 - 3 3 5 - 4 1 2 5    call anytime, 24-7 if busy retry in 15 minutes.