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Angel Chimes Can Operate Thru A Lifetime Of Christmas Memories.
For Angel Chimes Setup Illustrated Instructions and Storing, Can print out, go here.

Editors Note: The following is from http://www.oldchristmastreelights.com/candle_powered_chimes.htm who is a long time Angel Chime collector and knows what it takes to keep his angel chime collection in good condition.

Care and Maintenance:

Fire and oily soot residue are the greatest enemies of candle chimes. Make sure that the candleholders donít sit too near or directly below painted or plated elements: soot build-up and and burn marks are common (and avoidable) condition problems in candle chimes.

Gentle cleaning at the end of each season with a small amount of grease-cutting household cleaner like Formula 409 or Fantastik can help keep soot build-up under control. (Donít use harsher commercial cleaners or degreasers, since these can damage lithographed and painted finishes.)

Donít allow the candles to burn down completely: digging puddles of wax out of the candleholders will eventually damage them. A number of things can prevent a chime from functioning. Make sure that the spindle which carries the impeller is absolutely vertical: a lean of just a few degrees can cause problems.

A spindle that is worn or blunted will also keep the chime from running: it can be sharpened with a fine metal file.

Check that the blades of the impeller are all at a uniform angle of about 45 degrees. Note that you may have to adjust the chime holders so that the clappers just brush the chimes: bend them too far in, and the clappers will slow and eventually stop the impeller; bend them too far out, and the clappers wonít strike at all.

Finally, make sure that the chime is not sitting in a draft: the hot air currents must rise straight up in order to move the impeller.

Editors Note:
Heather, One of our customers, always recommends, Connoisseurs found at Walmart for $3.97 as the cleaner to use.

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