newadvent candle
One Big 12 inch Candle.

Advent Candle

Best Selling Advent Candle

Read All About the European Tradition Of the Advent Candle burning began and how it is still used. Tradition of Advent

Order one for each Grandchild family, Carry on - The Tradition - Order now and Have On Hand One for each of their formative years, and excitement leading to Christmas.

Quantity Sale Special Pricing....

1 - Advent Candle - $8.39

3 - Advent Candles -$7.95 =$23.85

6 - Advent Candles $7.69 =$46.14

12 - Advent Candles $7.39 =$87.68

Order by phone 24 hours 7 days

605 335-4125

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1/2 inch candle
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