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Advent Chimes and Family Candle Traditions

Advent is a traditional period of Preparation for the Arrival of Christmas.

This tradition includes special brief note and ceremonies on each of the four Sundays proceeding the Christmas Holiday.

The Angel Chimes has been used with this tradition by operating the chimes on the first Sunday with one candle.

Adding a second candle for two candle operation on the second Sunday, three on the third Sunday and All four candles on the Sunday proceeding Christmas.

Thus the candle chimes has in many areas, become a vital part of celebrating the advent four Sundays before Christmas as well as use on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as well.

To Read About the Tradition Of Lighting One Candle Each Sunday as Part of Advent, Read More.
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Harlan's Tip:

To improve operation and speed rotation, on one candle you may need to resharpen the fine tip of the steel spindle point the spindle sets and runs on. Use a small file to resharpen the point.

Also the ringing rods may have to be bent slightly to reach the bells when operating more slowly with just one candle.



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