Angel Chimes

History of Angel Chimes World Wide

1905 German Angel Chimes Until 1936

U.S. Tradition, Started 100 Years Ago, Introduced By Early German Immigrants,
German Patent Applied for in 1905, granted in 1906, (Wikipedia here.) Many versions illustrated with our updated today drawings to clarify the chimes better then photos..
The Updated drawing here is modification and modernization of the original woodcut print filed with the patent. Later adaptation we make to clarify further the proportions etc. and size of components etc. Most German chimes used larger turbine, *usually turquoise, and ran successfully on 3 candles. Lithographed figures.
Swedish outline cut out figures from brass finish sheeting, Smaller Swedish Chimes started in 1948 after the war, now produced in Turkey and China and we take them up in next part.
angel chimes



Drawn, computer enhanced and Updated from Available archives, photos and samples from collections, by Harlan L. Jacobsen, 2011 for publics information on A 100 + year U.S. and world wide Christmas Tradition and its origin and development over time. Copyright 2011, Harlan L. Jacobsen

Updated "Today" drawing for clarity, Derived from a wood cut of drawing filed with the original German patent.

Note original chimes patent called for four angels, 4 bells, a stand with 3 legs and the use of 3 candles.

Four angels with bell clappers hitting 4 bells resulted in 16 ringings per revolution compared to present 3 angels hitting two bells which results in only 6 rings per revolution. Gives entirely different sound.

NOTE: Successful operation with just 3 candles, resulting from using a larger wind turbine at the top then used to day, now necessitating four candles to make it operate successfully.

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