German Angel Chimes Started The Chimes Tradition

Example Of German Angel Chimes Most Popular Model, 1920's and 1930's

angel chimes



Drawn, computer enhanced and Updated from Available archives, photos and samples from collections, by Harlan L. Jacobsen, 2011 for publics information on A 100 + year U.S. and world wide Christmas Tradition and its origin and development over time. Copyright 2011, Harlan L. Jacobsen

Early German Chimes Brought Over By Immigrants Started Demand For Chimes in U.S.

Estimated, (best guess) 30's German Angel Chime Major Production Chime Included Lithographed Nativity Scene Lit by Candles Which Also Twirled the Trumpeting Angels.

Includes Five Brass Angels that are Pressed or stamped in 3 dimensional full figured one side, concave the other side.

The fan turbine in German Model chimes seems to have always been of turquoise color with a little pattern in place in white.

The 3 bells were placed one third of the way around and third is not visable here in the back, of the rotating angels.

The Nativity scene was lithographed in full color and pressed three dimensional giving it depth. It was set against the middle front candle holder and chimes third leg of support. Chimes operated successfully without the nativity scene, it was merely a stick in place scene setter that made it a Christmas chimes

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