Pumping Oil and Gas
Angel Conversion: Party Chimes Kit, Just $3.50 Post Paid.

Birthday and Party
Replacement Figures Kits, Use Chimes at Festivity's Year Around.

Triple The Use of Your Chimes.
Make Them Year Around Party Chimes. Fits All.

Clown and Horse

Clown and Merry Go Round Horses $ 3.00

colored candles and chimes

What New Hand Painted Figures Will Look Like.

Party Chimes Figures Are All Brass Finish
brass holder

New Santa Chimes from Swedish Factory moved to Turkey. Same price as angel chimes.
New option at AngelChimes.com
offers year around party figures, a clown top and merry go round horses,
and traditional angel chimes figures, a Combo Set of Both Kits for $5.00.
Clown and Horse

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How to Use Party Chimes at Candle Light Events. New Site, Festive Candlelight