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Sale Ends August 1st

Free Shipping, Any Size Order Year Around

Swedish Made in Turkey Angel Chimes, Now Purchase Presents With Lasting Memories at low prices.

Solve "the what to get them" that will mean something for years of use and become a family tradition.

Brass or Silver Finish, Turkish Angel Chimes, (Swedish Design) Reg. Price $16.95

End Of Year Warehouse Angel Chimes Sale

Sale Price, Single Brass Or Silver Finish Angel Chimes: $15.95

  • 3 to 5 Chimes, $15.65 each.    for 3 total =$46.95

  • 6 to 11 Chimes $14.95 each.     for 6 Total =$89.70

  • 12 or more Chimes $13.88 each.     for 12 Total =$166.56

End of Season Chimes and Candles Sales Handled Only With Phone Orders,
605 335-4125 Almost around the clock.

This limitation on sale items is Due to Rapidly Changing "Sold Out" may happen any time, and information on alternatives available updates needed with certain colors and models which are also arriving daily.

In addition many cases of candles and colors are constantly arriving from Germany restock changing the picture faster than online can keep up to inform you of sale options.

Stop the Last Minute Candle Search.

Stock Up At These Season End Prices

  • 3 to 5 boxes @ $4.59,each.     for 3 total $13.77

  • 6 to 11 boxes @ $4.39,each.     for 6 totals $26.34

  • 12 or more Boxes, @ $3.88, each.     for 12 Totals $46.56..

End of Season Sale Ends August 1st .

No Minnimum size order. $3.85 One time charge for Boxing and processing any size order. Free Shipping, We pay all postage In U.S. and Canada, Regardless of Size or Weight. of order.

Note: We may run out or be out of Some colors but have more on way from Germany. If some colors out, If you like we will hold order til all colors you desire are back in stock. We will honor these prices if ordered now, regardles of when shipped. (by August 1.)

All Sale orders are phone 605 335-4125 only.