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Went Along With The Circling Trumpeting Angels From 15th Century Announcing Christmas Arrival.

Sixty Year Old Angel Chimes Users Report they were, as a child, read a story at Christmas time about the circling announcing heralding Christmas Angels.

On completion, of reading story aloud, then the Angel chimes were brought out and lit to go with this special Christmas story. Special Life Time Memories.

We and they have been in a search for anyone that has recollections of this story, what it was called and where it might be traced down.

The German Angel Chimes were first patented in 1905 and may well have existed long before that.

The first brass figure cut out Swedish Angel chimes were introduced in 1948, which is about sixty years ago so it could have been these chimes that went with the story or the story was distributed to go with the chimes.

Anyone with any information, confirmation of or a clue on this Christmas Angel Chimes related Story Please Contact Us.

Harlan L. Jacobsen Contact Us

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